Reputation in time of war


You will gain a reputation not for what happens to you, but for how you react to what happens to you.

According to the latest digital listen to Netholology, which is assessing the evolution of user and brand behavior in Europe in relation to the war in Ukraine, some headlines are drawn:

The interest in any subject, even one of such seriousness, is declining over time in the digital environment
Brands like Nestlé are facing a reputation crisis for their non-reaction to the conflict.
Personal brands such as Arnold Schwarzenegger are gaining a reputation throughout Europe, with a message that is both shocking and assertive to the Russian population.

Broadly speaking, however, we tend to simplify: the improvement of Ukraine’s reputation is inversely proportional to the worsening of the Russian brand in these times of war, and in parallel, the same goes for the personal brands Zelenski and Putin, up and down.

Except in Russia, of course. It would be interesting to listen digitally to the Russian population to know their perception of everything that is happening.

Nethodology, I leave it there.
And good job, as always!