"As temporary MANAGER I help companies, institutions and professionals to promote their business and their reputation through communication and branding strategies."

Who I am

I am an expert in communication and branding with more than 25 years of experience in strategic brand management, corporate communication and digital marketing.

I am committed to branding with purspose as the only successful strategy for the future of brands.

How can I help you

I accompany professionals, companies and institutions to design and execute brand strategies with a purpose to boost their reputation, attract and retain customers for their own benefit, their interest groups and the environment where they carry out their activity.

Method with C from Consol

Conversation, Consulting, Creation and Communication are the 4 steps of MY METHOD, with C from Consol, to design and execute the brand strategy.

No two companies are the same and therefore no brand is the same as another. However, the strategic model (...)

"The reputation of a brand is the perception that others have of it."

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