I temporarily accompany companies, organizations and professionals in branding, communication, digital marketing and training projects.

Interim Management

I accompany professionals, companies and institutions to design and execute brand strategies to promote each business, with purpose and a differential value.

1. IMPULSE strategy. Corporate or Personal Branding

Project to jointly design a communication strategy for the company, with purpose and differentiated content from the brand.

It includes an audit and a digital analysis and diagnosis, 1 personalized 360 questionnaire, 2 work sessions and a presentation of the brand communication strategy. Digital First.

strategy. Place or City Branding

Project to jointly design a city branding/place branding strategy led by the local administration in collaboration with economic and social interest groups and institutions with purpose and differentiated brand content.

Custom-made project, it includes an audit, analysis and digital diagnosis, market study, workshops to co-create the story and an action plan.

2. GROWTH strategy

Continuity project to execute an action plan based on the defined communication strategy.

Based on the strategy, it includes the design of a personalized action plan, as a roadmap to grow your brand, with a schedule for the entire process, assigned responsibilities, economic valuation and monitoring of its execution.

3. EXTERNAL communication management

Ongoing support for the design, execution and monitoring of brand, communication and digital marketing strategies in Interim Management format.



Tailor-made training for students, professionals and companies around branding, communication and digital marketing. Theory and practice to advance as a team and learn together.

in times of change

Who is it aimed at: professionals in the process of changing careers, students finishing their degree, master's or training courses who want to join the labor market and don't know how.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

Duration: 2h


Who is it addressed to: undergraduate, postgraduate or master's degree students who wish to delve into personal, corporate and place branding strategies.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English

Duration: 2, 15 and 40 hour formats.


Who is it addressed to: professionals that wish to update their formation in communication and branding, especially digital and content.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

Custom lenght


Who is it addressed to: local or territorial public administrations that require a new impetus of their place brand for the economic promotion of the territory.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English.

Custom lenght