The best Christmas present (so far!)

Yesterday I got the best Christmas present (so far!)

At the end of each term, mixed feelings between the relief and the goodbye of +40 international students.

As a farewell, this treasure of comments, with their assessment of my Strategic Brand Management classes at ESCI-UPF University:

– The best was the energy of the teacher. She was funny and we learned through her.
– Working together and sharing ideas was my favorite part of the course.
– I think the best is that you combine the theoretical approach with practice!
– I liked how this course pushed us to really be creative and it almost felt like we were actually working on a real company while making the group work.
– The professor perfectly manages to mix both being caring and a challenging professional. 
– I want to say a big thank you! This course helped me to understand what I want to do in my life. 
– It was one of the best courses I ever had. I’m sure that with your work you not only teach the student, but also motivate them to do their life’s better.
– I learned a lot about creative branding, strategic thinking, presentation styles and even a lot about myself.
– I liked how we throughout the course we were always able to apply the theory we were learning in class.
The best was how interactive was the class, the ongoing exercises with groups. 
– I loved the fact that this course was extremely interactive and collaborative
– I was surprised by how engaging a course can be.
– I wish you all the best and I can just encourage you to keep teaching this exact way. 
– We learn the difference between branding and marketing and that was very interesting. 
– Thank you for being such a memorable teacher. I appreciate and recognize how much effort you put into your class and your students.
– We worked with “real” brands and learnt about them
– I can practice to improve my own brand which will be helpful to my career and connections/relationships.
– Thank you for this course! you really influenced my future.
– Your energy made me want to come to class every day and kept me so engaged.
– All of the real life examples and perspectives we were given really helped me to understand the concepts better and apply them to our content. 
– I liked the mixture of lectures, assignments and presentation and how everything goes along with each other. 
– The experience I took away from this course is that storytelling is an essential part of the marketing strategy.
– My goodbye to you is thank you for providing me with the resources I needed to not only do well in class but to learn for my future endeavors.
– I learned more real world concepts that I can use in my business endeavors when I graduate.
– I loved that I was able to see the thought process behind a brands needs to formulate a thoughtful campaign.
– Giving our ideas wings was such a great experience.
– I do feel like this class has made an impact.

In the photo, a choral power pose before the final exam, Amy Cuddy style: “fake it till you become it!”