Day 17. Hour 17. Year 17: Solidarity greater than terror

Not even 24 hours.

My oldest son in Cambrils is safe and healthy. First identified victim is someone else’s son. Aged 3. Immense pain and terror.

Solidarity greater than terror. Water and cookies for those who have spent 5 hours jammed in Rondes. Blood donor jam in hospitals. Taxis giving trips to those who need it. Hoteliers welcoming those who can not return to Las Ramblas. Citizens offering shelter again through social media. Global citizens sharing cats instead of videos. Responsible media managing images. Congratulations Toni Cruanyes for your professionalism. Admired by the work of the Mossos and other public services. Congratulations on your Twitter management! Social media global therapy. And normality as the best weapon against barbarism.

But someday, beyond terror and solidarity, are we going to origin? Prevent, educate, share. How can we work for the solution?

Capde, if you could see us.

Peret, you were right.
Barcelona has power.

By Frederic Amat